Taiwan News is in pursuit of quality journalism and accurate depiction of local news.
Taiwan News, established in 1949 is the first English newspaper in Taiwan. Taiwan News is well accepted in both Mandarin-speaking and English-speaking sectors. Taiwan News is the “Voice of the people, Bridge to the world.”
Distribution is broad and reaches significant stakeholders
Taiwan News is distributed internationally and reaches stakeholders in trade, foreign affairs, tourism and other areas of government and can be found in the lobbies and rooms of four- and five-star hotels. Taiwan News is an excellent accompaniment to and sounding board for the Chinese-language news media while reaching a very wide audience.
It is distributed at about 7,700 retail locations nationwide, covering every region of Taiwan and has a daily readership of 250,000, 84% of whom reside in Taipei, 15% of whom live in central and southern Taiwan, and 1% of whom reside overseas.
Special reports prepared under excellent management team
Taiwan News specializes in features that are timely and topical, such as the International Book Exhibition (“Gateway to the Book Markets of Asia”), COMPUTEX Taipei international computer fair, and the Taipei International Travel Fair. Such coverage makes this newspaper a platform for information about products being presented at trade fairs and the fairs themselves and the primary English-language information source for activities held by the International Rotary Club and the Lions Clubs International.