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Taiwan editorial abstracts

Taiwan editorial abstracts

Taipei, June 29 (CNA) The following is a brief roundup of selected local newspaper editorials Monday:
Apple Daily: The Control Yuan debases itself by looking into minor cases The Control Yuan drew fire last month when it asked the Ministry of Education to probe a case in which a dog bit a man on the campus of National Ocean University in Keelung.
The members of Control Yuan should know better than to exercise their power on such trifling matters.

China Times: Upgrade of local governments should not lead to expansion of bureaucracy Local governments which have been given approval to upgrade into special municipalities evision brighter prospects for their residents.
But one of the results of the upgrades will be the expansion of local government staff, which will increase the burden on taxpayers but not necessarily lead to better service to the people.
The central government should seek to prevent such negative consequences by urging the local governments to think twice before expanding their bureaucracy.

United Daily News: Education Ministry should not back down on plan to foster students' integrity.
The Education Ministry retreated after it drew fire for its plans to launch a 1.2 billion campaign to foster integrity, quality and good taste among students.
Instead of bowing to criticism and downsizing the campaign, the ministry should work on improving the plan to ensure its success.
The ministry should address two issues: the fact that education in the country's schools has failed to foster good character; and the problem of adults, especially politicians, failing to set good examples for our students.

Liberty Times: It is a historical fact that Taiwan's status is unclear When Tokyo's representative to Taiwan Masaki Saito said in May that Taiwan's status is unclear, he was right.
Japan gave up Taiwan at the end of the World War Two, but didn't say to whom the island should be handed over and Taiwan's final status should be determined in accordance with international law.
Instead of being irritated by Saito's remark, President Ma should see it as a warning that his China-leaning policies are causing concern in neighboring countries.
(By Maubo Chang)

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