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Colombian rebels to turn over officer's remains

Colombian rebels to turn over officer's remains

Colombia's largest rebel group announced that it would give the remains of an official who died in its custody to his family and urged the government to return the remains of two rebel leaders.
The announcement by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia was published Sunday on the Web site of Sen. Piedad Cordoba, who has served as a go-between in rebel hostage releases.
The FARC said it will deliver the remains of police Maj. Julian Ernesto Guevara to his mother "at a time and place we will announce when the situation ... permits."
Guevara was kidnapped by the FARC in November 1998. He died in FARC custody in January 2006.
The FARC statement asked for the remains of rebel leaders Raul Reyes and Ivan Rios.
Reyes was killed in a raid on a FARC camp in March 2008. Rios was killed that same month by a rebel turncoat who told authorities where his body was.

Updated : 2021-09-20 04:32 GMT+08:00