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Speaker calls for legislature's role in formulating pact with China

Taipei, March 10 (CNA) The Legislative Yuan should be given a voice in the government's policy-making process regarding its proposed trade pact with China, Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng said Tuesday.
In an interview with a local radio station, the speaker said that because the economic cooperation framework agreement proposed by President Ma Ying-jeou is something of great importance to the country, "the legislature of course should take part in its policy-formulating process." "Giving the legislature an opportunity to thoroughly voice its views in advance will pre-empt objections from the opposition parties when the pact goes to the legislature for ratification," Wang said.
Wang said his above view has been relayed to Ma through Taiwan's top negotiator with China Chiang Pin-kung and had won Ma's endorsement.
Although China policy falls within the purview of the president, it should be subject to legislative supervision, and the legislature's involvement in the executive branch's decision-making process on issues of such importance is common in other democracies, he contended, citing the U.S. as an example.
Wang, who competed unsuccessfully against President Ma Ying-jeou for the KMT chairmanship in 2005, has floated similar calls before, and his recent urging was considered by local political analysts as a warning to Ma's administration that he won't be reduced to a rubber stamp.
(By Maubo Chang)

Updated : 2021-11-27 10:20 GMT+08:00