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Ronaldo reminded of his Man United contract

After being linked anew to Real Madrid, Manchester United chief executive David Gill reminded Cristiano Ronaldo again Wednesday that he has a contract with the Premier League champions until 2012.
The 23-year-old Portugal winger, who also won the Champions League title last season, has said since winning the FIFA player of the year award on Monday that he wants to win even more trophies with United _ despite renewed rumors of a move to Spain.
"I know it will be hard but I want to achieve even more things with these great players we have at United," Ronaldo said. "We can dominate. Manchester has a lot of young players _ myself included _ so the future for the club looks good.
"I want to be here, to be a part of the success that I believe lies ahead. For me, it's great to be a part of this fantastic club and my motivation is to win more trophies."
Before this season, United manager Alex Ferguson refused to allow Ronaldo to join Madrid, adding last month that he "wouldn't sell Madrid a virus."
"He is on long term contract," Gill reiterated Wednesday in Macau at a launch event for United's tour of Asia. "He has had a wonderful experience and success last year in the club ... culminating in December and becoming world champions, demonstrates what the size of the club, the opportunities of the club and long may that continue."
Gill, meanwhile, hit back at Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez's accusations that United receives special treatment from the Football Association.
"With respect to his comments on my position they are totally inaccurate," said Gill, an FA board member. "The reality of it is that on the FA board sit three representatives of the Premier League in Premier League chairman Dave Richards, Bolton chairman Phil Gartside and myself ... the reality is that when you look at the decisions and issues I think anyone would understand that we don't get special treatment because of that."
Gill is also against playing an extra round of league matches overseas in the so-called "39th step," but sees a need for innovative ideas to boost the competition's global appeal.
"Other sports, for example the NBA in particular, are making inroads into these markets and I think it was totally appropriate for the league to evaluate it," Gill said. "But I think, like most things in football, it became public much too soon before all the issues had been thought through ...
"We fully support the Premier League not to be complacent and not to think that because it has had so much success it will continue to do so."

Updated : 2022-01-24 13:17 GMT+08:00