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'Cape No. 7' gets China release date

Taiwanese movie gets its premiere on Feb. 14 to coincide with Valentine's Day

'Cape No. 7' gets China release date 

(file photo)

'Cape No. 7' gets China release date (file photo)

A hit Taiwanese romance that highlights the island's 50-year colonial rule under Japan has been given a Valentine's Day release in mainland China, a film company official said yesterday.
The release of "Cape No. 7" had been in doubt amid earlier news reports that Chinese officials worry it may be offensive to many on the mainland. Taiwan's government and newspapers said last month that the Chinese release of "Cape No. 7" had been delayed, possibly over its overly sentimental view of Japan's rule of Taiwan, a self-ruled island China claims as its own.
But China's state-run China Film Group has decided to release the movie "Cape No. 7" in the mainland on Feb. 14, Cecille Huang, a marketing official at Taiwan's ARS Film Production, said.
"The movie will screen on Feb. 14, basically uncut, except for some foul language," confirmed a spokesman for local distributor China Film Group Corp.
China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television also confirmed by telephone that the movie had won permission to be shown.
Taiwan's most successful movie in years, "Cape No. 7", already widely available in China on pirated DVDs, is about a failed Taiwanese rock musician who returns to his small coastal hometown and is forced to play in a hastily assembled amateur band that will open for a Japanese pop star. He falls in love with the Japanese publicist overseeing the show.
The movie is also interspersed with a voice-over that reads from love letters written by a Japanese man to his Taiwanese love interest just after the island's colonial era ended. Japan ruled Taiwan from 1895 to 1945.

Updated : 2021-07-31 18:22 GMT+08:00