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Chen returned to jail, may appeal

Chen returned to jail, may appeal
Chen returned to jail, may appeal

Ex-President Chen Shui-bian returned to prison yesterday after a marathon 12-hour session at the Taipei District Court overturned his release in a victory for the prosecutors.
The court decision came in the early hours of yesterday, more than 12 hours after Chen, his three attorneys and prosecutors had started discussions presided over by a three-judge panel.
In its final ruling, the court reasoned that Chen was likely to flee the country or destroy evidence if he remained free. The former first family still held NT$570 million which was unaccounted for, an element which could contribute to his likelihood of fleeing overseas, the court said.
Since the charges Chen was indicted for carry a minimum prison sentence of seven years, that was also a reason to keep him in custody, court spokesman Huang Chun-ming told reporters.
The prosecutors of the Special Investigation Division had also reasoned Chen could intimidate witnesses and co-defendants if he stayed outside of prison.
In his defense, Chen noted that his son and daughter-in-law have agreed to disclose the location of the NT$570 million and remit the money back to Taiwan. The SID said the couple should make the offer in a plea bargain during the upcoming trial.
During the hours of debate, Chen also admitted that he falsely told a prosecutor during questioning in 2006 that he used money from the presidential state affairs fund on a secret mission related to Australia. Chen said he couldn't tell prosecutors about the real destination of the funds because it would affect Taiwan's national interests.
Following the court ruling, the former
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