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Cross-strait cooperation may help Chinese become world heritage

Cross-strait cooperation may help Chinese become world heritage

Taipei, Dec. 30 (CNA) Taiwan is trying to have the traditional Chinese character set used in Taiwan listed as a world heritage item, and an Executive Yuan official in charge of the mission said Tuesday that the goal might be achieved soon if China agrees to help.
Minister without Portfolio Ovid J.L. Tzeng made the remarks in response to media inquiries after a year-end Executive Yuan press conference held that day.
Describing traditional Chinese as an important cultural asset of mankind, Tzeng said it should be preserved for the whole world.
According to Tzeng, people from other cultures "might be amazed that Taiwanese people in the modern era can communicate with ancient people living 2000 years ago through written language." While the government is outlining plans for the application submission, it believes that if China can help, it would resolve some tough challenges, such as Taiwan's not being part of the United Nations, Tzeng said.
Tzeng said China will not be opposed to the idea of letting traditional Chinese become a key cultural asset of mankind, since the simplified Chinese form devised by the communist regime was developed from traditional Chinese.
Simplified Chinese has come to dominate the written form of Chinese used nearly all over the world, including China.
(By Elizabeth Hsu)