Government to cancel ID application quota for Chinese spouses: MAC

Government to cancel ID application quota for  Chinese spouses: MAC

Taipei, Dec. 29 (CNA) The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) announced Monday that the government will cancel the current quota of 500 per month for applications by Chinese spouses for Taiwanese ID cards.
The Ministry of the Interior is drafting amendments to the existing quota regulations, and once the new regulations take effect, the amount of time needed for Chinese immigrant spouses to qualify for a Taiwanese ID card will be shortened significantly, the MAC said in a statement.
Under amended regulations, the statement said, Chinese spouses will also no longer have to wait eight years to become eligible to apply for an ID in Taiwan, compared to the four years for foreign spouses from other countries.
Furthermore, those who have gained eligibility to obtain an ID card will not have to wait eight to nine months before they receive them, as the ID application quota of 6,000 per year for Chinese spouses will be lifted.
Under the draft amendment Chinese spouses will also no longer have to wait 13 years before they can apply for Taiwan entry for their children, although there will be a quota of just 60 persons per year.
According to the present regulations, Chinese spouses have to be in Taiwan for at least eight years before they can register their household here and another five years after that before they can apply to get their children into Taiwan. The draft amendment cancels the second five-year waiting period.
Previous administrations have argued that the strict rules were imposed to curb marriages of convenience and to keep Chinese women out of Taiwan, despite the fact that Taiwanese men tend to marry Chinese women more than women from other countries.
During the previous Democratic Progressive Party administration, harsh regulations governing Chinese spouses were put in place, including a requirement that they provide documented proof of financial solvency when applying for a Taiwanese ID.
The Chinese spouses and non-government organizations representing them have long blasted such policies as discriminatory, unreasonable and not in line with human rights, as marriages of convenience also exist among spouses from other countries, while the divorce rate of locals with Chinese spouses is about the same as that of local Taiwanese couples.
According to the Ministry of the Interior, 399,000 foreign spouses were registered in Taiwan as of the end of 2007 -- 262,000 from China and 137,000 from other countries.
(By Luis Yu)

Updated : 2021-04-15 01:48 GMT+08:00