Former president of Taiwan condemns corrupt politicians

Taiwan's strength is being sapped not only by corrupt politicians but also by their supporters, former President Lee Teng-hui said yesterday.
Speaking at the annual meeting of the Chiayi chapter of the Friends of Lee Teng-hui Association in central Taiwan, Lee suggested that political power transfer, which is normal in any democracy, has only brought one disaster after another to Taiwan.
Without mentioning the name of his successor, Chen Shui-bian, Lee said the country's power transfer of 2000 only "provided someone with the opportunity to take bribes and launder money."
"It is a pity that one man was able to mess up the administration's governance so badly," Lee said.
"What is even more pitiful is that some people continue to support the corrupt politician in defiance of his approaching court trial," Lee added.
Lee himself is under investigation for alleged money laundering, thanks to a tip-off provided by Chen to prosecutors.
According to Lee, the country only jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire when the Kuomintang came back into power in 2008 with Ma Ying-jeou as president.
"Justice and human rights have regressed under the new administration in the last year," Lee claimed, citing as examples the way protesters were roughed up by police during a visit to Taiwan in
November by a Chinese envoy, and claiming that students who staged a sit-in to press their demands for changes to rules governing assemblies and marches were violently driven away by police.
"And Ma's administration is at a total loss about what to do in the face of the economic slowdown caused by international financial crisis," he continued.