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DPP says launch of direct flights unconstitutional

DPP says launch of direct flights unconstitutional

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The opposition Democratic Progressive Party protested yesterday against the direct transportation and postal links going ahead without legislative approval.
The introduction of direct daily charter flights, shipping and postal links was illegal and unconstitutional, the DPP said.
The four agreements signed on Nov. 4 between Taiwan and China were still under review by the Legislative Yuan, so they could not go into effect yet, opposition lawmakers said, accusing the government of selling out the nation's sovereignty.
The Legislative Yuan represents the country's sovereignty, so not waiting until it had wrapped up its review of the agreements amounted to an abdication of sovereignty, DPP caucus whip William Lai told reporters.
The Mainland Affairs Council countered in a news release that the law governing cross-straits relations had an article saying that if the Legislature had not taken a decision on the agreements within a month, it was tantamount to agreeing with the documents.
The ruling Kuomintang said there was nothing illegal with the direct links going ahead yesterday, adding that DPP lawmakers should be reading the law before protesting.
If the agreements have no way of passing a month after they were signed, that is mainly the result of the DPP boycotting the legislative process, KMT legislator Wu Yu-sheng said.
The opposition party should apologize for the fact that the four agreements did not pass on time, he said.

Updated : 2022-01-20 16:57 GMT+08:00