Taiwan Wild Strawberry Movement students to form observation group in case trial against state violence

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The case filed by citizens against state violence will open at Taipei District Court Friday. The three plaintiffs, Wild Strawberry Movement students, scholars, and social groups plan to form an observation group to attend the hearing.

The observation group is formed to observe and take records of the court session. On the same day Dec. 12, social groups and student protesters will also hold a “private court” to try the state violence case at the Liberty Square.

Incidents of police officers abusing power occurred far and wide during the visit to Taiwan by Chen Yunlin (陳雲林), chairman of China’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, the semi-official body in charge of cross-strait matters. With the assistance of the Judicial Reform Foundation, five cases have entered judicial procedure. The tried case Friday is formed by charges of assault and offense against freedom pressed by people who were suppressed against the iron gate by the police at an alley beside the Formosa Regent Hotel on Nov. 5.

Chen was stranded in the hotel by protesters late at night. The police dispersed the crowd by force, which resulted in injuries to protesters and passers-by. This is the first case to hold court among various violence cases during Chen’s visit from Nov. 3 to 7.

Wild Strawberry Movement plans to broadcast the video footage of the Formosa Regent Hotel at the Liberty Square before the trial begins today. Representatives expected to attend include Judicial Reform Foundation Chief-Executive Lin Feng-cheng (林峰正), The Humanistic Education Foundation President Shih Ying (史英), Taiwan Association for Human Rights Secretary-General Tsai Chi-hsun (蔡季勳), Taiwan Labor Front Secretary-General Sun Yo-lien (孫友聯) and Wild Strawberry Movement students.

by Taiwan News, Website Editorial Staff