Taiwan Wild Strawberry Movement returns to protest inadequate law enforcement

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After 50 students at the Liberty Square was dispersed by police early in the morning, about 30 students returned to the same site at 9 am to protest inadequate law enforcement by the police.

The Wild Strawberry Movement began on Nov. 6 during the period of Taiwan visit made by Chen Yunlin (陳雲林), chairman of China’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, asking the Parade and Assembly law be amended. On Dec. 7, a rally was held in peace and ended the one-month movement. Several students still stayed for the sit-in. Since the next day, Tibetan movement supporters have staged a sit-in on the right side of the Liberty Square in protest of China’s violent acts.

At 4 am this morning, hundreds of police officers moved about a hundred Tibet supporters away and transported them to the mountainous areas of Neihu, Guandu.

The police then continued dispersing 50 remaining students at Liberty Square and took them to the National Taiwan University by police car, clearing the sit-in area at the Square.

30 students returned to the Square at 9 am, raising the poster reading “Parade and Assembly Law violates constitution, human rights are taken away.”

The Movement speaker Lo Shih-hsiang (羅士翔) said that the police could not present any valid documents nor communicate with them before disbanding the protesters. He questioned that it was a confusing act of the government that the police scattered the student and Tibetan movement members today while President Ma Ying-jeou said on International Human Rights Day yesterday that Taiwan was a country where its citizens owned the freedom of assembly.

Movement cadre Feng Jun-shan (奉君山) said that the police were subjected to more pressure when Tibetan movement supporters started the sit-in on the 8th. The government took the action of dispersal out of worries of never-ending protest activities staged at the Liberty Square, Feng assumed.

Some students heard the officers say that the police would not initiate the dispersal were it not for the Wild Strawberry Movement providing goods and materials to Tibet supporters. Feng said that Ma government may be worried about the chain reaction triggered by a series of sit-ins. The dispersal also manifests that the government tends to avoid Tibetan movement issues under the current much-relaxed cross-strait atmosphere.

by Taiwan News, Website Editorial Staff