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China about to complete its online 'Golden Shield' monitoring project

China about to complete its online 'Golden Shield' monitoring project

China is about to complete its "Golden Shield" project monitoring the movements, phone conversations and online activities on the whole of its territory, the Chinese-language Liberty Times said in yesterday's edition.
The project will lead to the shrinking of Internet freedom, human rights and personal freedoms, and to a massive invasion of privacy, the newspaper said in a report on its front page.
Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council describes the project as a high-tech online version of China's notorious Public Security system. It's a 21st-century electronic version of the communist totalitarian supervision system, combining an information database with a penetrating observation network, the MAC says in an analysis report.
Development of the system began in 1998, with a 1st version coming online in September 2003, the Liberty Times says. The Golden Shield officially went into full mode in November 2006, but an improved version won't come online until later this month.
The MAC sees the new system as a potential attack weapon which can erase online comments not sympathetic to China during a major news event. It can also guide online discussion into the direction desired by the authorities.
The government employees managing the system could also be ordered to turn their expertise into an attack force, disseminating computer viruses and launching hacker attacks against unfriendly web sites, the MAC says in a report.
The Golden Shield project has also attracted commercial interests, with business participating in the development of the advanced technology or giving in to China's demands for information, the Liberty Times writes.

Updated : 2021-09-23 23:29 GMT+08:00