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President pledges to uphold press freedom

President Ma Ying-jeou pledged Tuesday to uphold freedom of the press and respect its role as a channel for public opinion.
Ma made the remarks while addressing the opening of the 41st Assembly of the Chinese Language Press Institute held in Taipei, which gathered more than 50 representatives of the Chinese-language press from Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and Southeast Asia.
Ma said Taiwan, having lifted its restrictions on newspaper publication 20 years ago, realizes the importance of allowing the press to develop freely.
"Taiwan will continue to pay attention to and respect the development of the press and stick to the policy of non-interference in the press," Ma said.
Ma said he expects the Chinese-language press to help put across the voices of the people to alert governments and push them to improve their flaws.
Calling Taiwan's politics a democracy experiment for the ethnic Chinese community, the president said Taiwan's democracy will continue to follow a framework compatible with Chinese culture.

Updated : 2021-07-26 11:56 GMT+08:00