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Chinese students may enroll in Taiwan colleges from next September

The first group of Chinese students may enroll in Taiwan's universities and colleges next September if the legislature amends the relevant laws during the current legislative session, Vice Minister of Education Lu Mu-lin said Wednesday.
Lu made the remarks during a Cabinet policy briefing -- the first in a series of regular briefings to be held every Wednesday for different government departments to explain their policies and the progress being made in implementing them.
Lu said the plans to allow Chinese students to attend universities in Taiwan and to recognize education credentials from Chinese universities will be implemented in stages, along with supplementary measures designed to protect the rights of Taiwanese students.
He indicated that the legislature will need to amend the University Act, the Junior College Act, and the Statute Governing Relations Between the Peoples of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area to pave the way for mainland students to attend Taiwanese universities and junior colleges starting September 2009.
According to Lu, there will be specific admission quotas for Chinese students applying to Taiwanese schools, which will be set apart from the quota for local students, so that the rights of Taiwanese students pursuing higher education will not be affected.
He said the Ministry of Education will keep Chinese student enrollment in local universities at lower than 1 percent of all available places -- about 1,000 students per year.
Other regulations will specify that Chinese students should not receive scholarships from Taiwanese universities, cannot be gainfully employed while attending school, must leave Taiwan after completion or termination of their studies, and will not be allowed to take Taiwan's civil service exams for government jobs.
Taiwan will only recognize diplomas issued by reputable Chinese universities, Lu said, adding however that in the initial stage, medical school credentials, even from reputable Chinese universities, will not be recognized.
The Ministry of Education will hold more briefing sessions in northern, central and southern Taiwan in the next few months to familiarize more people with the ministry's policies, he said.
An estimated 7,000 Taiwanese students are studying in China, and some 240,000 Chinese nationals have married into Taiwanese families. When these Taiwanese students and the Chinese spouses look for employment in Taiwan, they face the problem of employers not recognizing their education credentials, thus depriving them of equal opportunities.

Updated : 2021-10-19 15:53 GMT+08:00