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President urged by DPP not to forget 'the nature of communists'

President Ma Ying-jeou was urged Wednesday to keep in mind "the nature and true color of the Chinese communists" and to uphold the Republic of China's sovereignty.
Lamenting that Taiwanese police "used force against their country men and women" simply because China's top point man on Taiwan is paying a visit, Taipei City Councilor Lee Wen-ying of the opposition Democratic Progressive Part claimed that "human rights have been lost in Taiwan as a result of the police forceful action against anti-China protesters" at venues where the visiting Chinese negotiator stopped over in the past two days.
Lee went to the Presidential Office to present several books and an appeal to Ma, calling for the president not to dump the nation's sovereignty when he has a historic meeting Thursday with Chen Yunlin, president of China's quasi-official Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits.
Explaining the purposes of her giving the books to Ma, Lee claimed that the books -- "Mao Zedong's Quotations" and the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party of China (CPC) " published by the staunchly anti-CPC Epoch Times -- represent the most telling records of the Chinese communists' "vicious and unscrupulous nature."
Another of the books she presented, titled "The Taiwanese in a New Era" authored by former President Lee Teng-hui, says that the Taiwanese should "outperform the era" and that the country's president should represent the people of Taiwan rather than himself, Lee Wen-ying said.
Yet another of the books she presented, titled "Records of China's Judicial Persecution of Taiwanese Businessmen, " is purported to be a documentary account of Taiwanese businessmen in China who were "rejected" by Chen Yunlin and his aides after they were exploited and bullied while doing business in China, according to Lee.
Officials from the Presidential Office received the books and a copy of her appeal, but turned down her demand for an emergency meeting with the president.
Chen Yunlin arrived in Taipei Monday at the head of a 60-member ARATS delegation, making him the highest-level People's Republic of China official ever to set foot on Taiwanese soil.

Updated : 2021-10-22 03:11 GMT+08:00