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Former VP urges Taiwanese to treat ARATS head with courtesy

Former Vice President Annette Lu said in Los Angeles Thursday that the Taiwanese should treat Chen Yunlin, head of China's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS), with the same common courtesy they would extend to any other visitor.
Lu made the remarks during a transit stop in the southern California city en route to Taiwan from a visit to Mexico City, where she attended the 26th annual conference of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women that took place Oct. 24-28.
On the ARATS head's upcoming visit to Taiwan, Lu said the public should treat him with the utmost kindest and friendliness to let him understand what Taiwan is really like. Chen is scheduled to arrive in Taiwan Nov. 3.
"I believe there is no reason for our Democratic Progressive Party compatriots to feel too nervous or tense" about Chen's visit, Lu said, pointing out that "although we are not a great power, we are a democratic country and we are the masters of Taiwan," Lu said.
"We should bury the hatchet and let the other side of the Taiwan Strait clearly understand that the Republic of China on Taiwan is not a part of the People's Republic of China," Lu said.
The former vice president, who was slated to board a flight back to Taiwan Friday, said she will closely monitor developments regarding Chen's visit over the coming days but will not meet with him during his stay in Taiwan.