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LDR rooms introduced for more mother-friendly childbearing

LDR rooms introduced for more mother-friendly childbearing

Shuang Ho Hospital, an affiliate of the Taipei Medical University in Taipei County, announced Monday that it has introduced the labor-delivery-recovery (LDR) room concept widely adopted in Western countries, with the aim of providing women with a friendly and more soothing delivery environment.

According to a hospital spokesman, the LDR room provides pregnant women with a greater degree of privacy and comfort, allowing them to complete the entire birthing experience -- labor, delivery and recovery -- in the same room, accompanied by family members if so desired.

The spokesman pointed out that this can reduce the mother-to-be's feelings of nervousness and anxiety.

He said that normally in Taiwan, women are first taken to a labor room while they wait for the cervix to fully dilate, after which they are then taken to the delivery room for the actual birth, which means that the woman can experience a greater degree of discomfort than is necessary, due to having to be moved from bed to bed.

According to the spokesman, LDR rooms follow the modern trend in allowing mother and baby to be in the same room, adding that this not only provides consumers with more choices but also reduces medical costs.

Chou Szu-yuan, a gynecologist at Wanfang Hospital in Taipei, said that most women would prefer a more soothing childbearing process.

He said that the introduction of LDR rooms centers on the notion of humanity, as they not only make women feel respected during the process of childbearing but also provide family members with an opportunity to participate in the process.