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Seven-year-old completes 1,000 km cycling tour in Europe

Seven-year-old completes 1,000 km cycling tour in Europe

Seven-year-old Chiu En-chia from the southern Taiwan city of Tainan recently completed a cycling tour that took him across Germany and Netherlands and earned him the title of the youngest Taiwanese to complete a cycling trip of more than 1,000 km.

Chiu, along with his parents, were part of a special tour group that cycled along the Rhine River from Germany's Frankfurt to Amsterdam in Holland in 29 days, starting June 29, a local newspaper reported Saturday.

Chiu's parents said they still could not believe that their son,who graduated from kindergarten this summer, completed the 1,000 km journey in Europe.

Chiu broke the record of Hsu Chan-jen of Taiwan, who cycled 1,022 km in 30 days across Germany and Denmark, at the age of nine, with his parents last summer.

After he returned home, Hsu published an account of his journey,entitled "Family Travel by Bike -- A Boy's Cycling Diary." The book has inspired many parents, said Chou Yiao-chue, a teacher at Tung Fang Institute of Technology in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. Chou organized the cycling tour group that was comprised of more than 60 members, 10 of whom were elementary school students.

Cycling has become more and more popular in Taiwan over the last few years, with the biking population reaching 650,000 in 2007 and expected to surge to 1 million this year, according to statistics provided by Giant Bicycle Inc. -- Taiwan's largest bicycle maker.

A local cycling film, "Island Etude, " directed by En Chen and released in April 2007, further spurred a cycling craze around Taiwan. Inspired by the film, Giant founder King Liu cycled around the island that year in 15 days, at the age of 73.

Updated : 2021-06-25 18:24 GMT+08:00