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New location needed to ease overcrowding at detention center: PM

Premier Liu Chao-shiuan said Thursday that a new location for the Taipei Detention House in Tucheng, Taipei County is urgently needed to solve an overcrowding problem.
The detention house is used to incarcerate lawsuit suspects and people serving short prison sentences.
According to Lee Mung-tung, director-general of the detention house, the inmates numbered around 3,600 as of the end of July, while the capacity should be only about 2,100.
Lee said overcrowding in the women's section is even more serious, with an excess ratio of 198 percent, which is lower than the 302 percent recorded in 2007. Many female inmates have to sleep at a nearby vocational training plant because there is not enough space in the detention center, Lee said.
Liu said an earlier government plan of moving the detention house to a former Ministry of National Defense ammunition depot in the county has raised objections from local residents, but he said the government will continue to communicate with local residents to seek their consent and cooperation.
He also asked the Taipei county government and the Ministry of Justice, which supervises the detention house, to work together on measures to carry out the move.
Liu said the government will promote the idea of replacing penalties for petty crimes with alternative punishments like community service or fines to ease the problem of overcrowding, which he said is affecting the environment around the detention house.
Before Liu went to the detention house, he also reviewed the environment of the Hsindian Drug Abuse Treatment Center in the county's Hsindian City and issued instruction for improving the center's treatment efficiency, including increasing supervisory personnel and renovating and updating the facilities.

Updated : 2021-07-31 13:59 GMT+08:00