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CEPD reveals plans to cut jobless rate


CEPD reveals plans to cut jobless rate

In a bid to drive down the unemployment rate to below 4 percent, the government will target five groups of people for job promotion, the Council for Economic Planning and Development said yesterday.


The five groups are those who have lost their jobs due to changes in industrial structure, youths, aborigines, middle-aged and the elderly, and women who have to support families, officials from the nation's highest economic planning agency said.


Reporting on the results of job-promotion measures in 2005 and plans for 2006 at an Executive Yuan meeting, the officials said the average jobless rate was 4.13 percent in 2005, down 0.31 percent from the previous year.


In December 2005, the jobless rate was 3.86 percent, a five-year single-month low. If no job-boosting measures had been taken in 2005, it is estimated that the jobless rate would have been around 4.3 percent. In other words, related job-promotion measures effectively cut the jobless rate for the whole year by 0.17 percent, they said.


For people jobless due to industrial structure changes, the officials said the government will continue to promote investment and major construction projects. In addition, the Council of Labor Affairs will also promote a project to enhance the professional skills of workers.


On promoting the employment of aborigines, the officials said they expect to create 12,000 jobs, driving down the jobless rate among aborigines to below 4.7 percent.


The CLA and the Ministry of Economic Affairs will also be in charge of providing multiple-channel job opportunities as well as low-rate loans for starting small businesses for middle-aged and elderly people, as well as for women who are the family breadwinner.


Updated : 2021-10-23 04:36 GMT+08:00