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Legislator wants number of Examination Yuan members cut in half

Legislator Tsai Cheng-yuan of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) said Tuesday that he will propose an amendment that would cut the number of Examination Yuan members in half.
Tsai expressed the hope that the amendment would be passed during the current legislative session, which will be extended to July 18, "to help streamline personnel and save money."
He noted that he proposed to cut the number of Examination Yuan members in half three years ago, but the proposal failed because the administration of then President Chen Shui-bian would not agree to it.
He said the Examination Yuan has a president, a vice president and 19 members, which he said "outnumber the ministers without portfolio under the Executive Yuan," and that "they are paid more than legislators."
According to Tsai, an Examination Yuan member receives NT$5 million (US$163,940) in direct and indirect payments annually.
Cutting the number of members in half will save the government NT$50 million annually.
With the Presidential Office's current "lunch box culture" underscoring the values of simplicity and frugality, the Examination Yuan should follow the lead of the Legislative Yuan to cut its number in half, Tsai said.
The legislature that was installed in February saw its number of seats reduced to 113 from the previous 225.
He also said that because a lot of people aspire to serve as Examination Yuan members, the Presidential Office is under "tremendous pressure" in coming up with nominees.
Noting that the Presidential Office's screening panel is in the process of vetting possible aspirants for the reference of President Ma Ying-jeou, "it is high time to propose the amendment," Tsai said.
He urged the Presidential Office not to interfere with his proposal, saying that if the number of the Examination Yuan is cut in half, "it will be more in line with mainstream public opinion."
Under the ROC Constitution, the Examination Yuan is one of the five yuans (branches) of the government.
The Examination Yuan is responsible for the nation's civil service system. It oversees examinations, qualification screenings, security of tenure, pecuniary aid in case of death and retirement issues related to public servants.
It also handles all legal matters related to the employment, discharge, performance evaluation, salary scale, promotion, transfer, commendation and the presenting of awards to civil servants.
The Examination Yuan president, vice president and 19 members are appointed to six-year terms by the president of the state with the approval of the Legislative Yuan.
The term of the incumbent members will expire at the end of August this year. President Ma Ying-jeou is expected to present his nomination list to the legislature for confirmation later this month.

Updated : 2021-04-22 18:51 GMT+08:00