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OCAC deputy head to give up Philippine permanent residency rights

Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (OCAC) Deputy Minister Hsu Chen-jung said Tuesday he will visit the Philippines soon to complete the formalities of renouncing his permanent residency rights there.
Hsu, who was posted by the OCAC to the Philippines 19 years ago, said he obtained a special resident retiree's visa issued by the Philippine Retirement Authority for foreign retirees before he was transferred by the OCAC back to Taiwan four to five years ago.
Hsu said that although his residency rights will be automatically invalidated if he does not return to the Philippines before his visa expires in September, he will complete the formalities as soon as possible "so as not to cause any trouble to the Cabinet."
Hsu explained that he did not do so before assuming his present position because the country's law does not forbid public servants from holding permanent resident status in another country, although they are not allowed to hold foreign citizenship.
The opposition Democratic Progressive Party has challenged the allegiance of several officials in the Kuomintang (KMT) administration who either once held U.S. permanent residency rights, allegedly still hold a U.S. green card, or have applied for a U.S. green card.
Under pressure from the DPP, the Cabinet required its members to fill out questionnaires Monday to disclose whether they have permanent residency status in any foreign country.
The checks revealed that Hsu is one of two officials who hold foreign residency rights. The other is Sports Affairs Council Minister Tai Hsia-ling, who has permanent resident status in Canada but has applied to cancel it.
In a bid to address the issue in a more systematic way, KMT Legislator Wu Yu-sheng unveiled his plan over the weekend to push for an amendment to the Nationality Act to set out clear guidelines on whether public servants are allowed to hold permanent resident status in another country.
The amendment should introduce a disclosure system and state the types and ranks of public servants who are not allowed to hold such status, Wu said.

Updated : 2021-07-29 23:50 GMT+08:00