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Task force inspects tourism facilities in Alishan area

A central government task force on Monday inspected tourism facilities in the Alishan area -- a famous scenic mountain in southern Taiwan -- as part of its efforts to improve Taiwan's tourism quality ahead of the expected influx of Chinese tourists from July.
The task force, composed of officials from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Department of Health, targeted Alishan as their first inspection stop as the mountain resort is a must-see for Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan.
The ad hoc group, led by Chang Hsi-tsung, a section chief at the MOTC's Tourism Bureau, inspected accommodation facilities, food quality and service, traffic safety and tourism-related shops in the Alishan area to make sure they meet guidelines.
Ad hod group members were accompanied by officials and police officers of Chiayi County, where the mountain is located.
Speaking at a news conference at the Chiayi county government headquarters prior to their inspection tour, Chang urged local businesses to put providing quality services as top priority and to never engage in dishonest practices.
He said the government will definitely punish businesses caught breaking laws and regulations.
As more Chinese tourists are likely to visit Taiwan from July, Taiwan's tourism sector must effectively upgrade its service quality to protect Taiwan's image and help the island continue to attract tourists, Chang said.
Taiwan is slated to allow up to 3,000 Chinese tourists to visit each day from July 4, up from the current daily level of 1,000. Eventually the daily number of tourists to be allowed here is expected to increase to 10,000.
The opening of Taiwan to more Chinese tourists is projected to be implemented along with the establishment of direct weekend charter flights between mainland China and Taiwan -- all major campaign promises of President Ma Ying-jeou, who assumed office on May 20.
The measures are expected to help boost Taiwan's economy.

Updated : 2022-01-17 11:41 GMT+08:00