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Dragon Boat Festival celebrated in quake zone

Dragon Boat Festival celebrated in quake zone

This weekend marks the traditional Dragon Boat Festival or Duan Wu Jie. People all over China have sent gifts to people in the quake-hit areas to help them enjoy the festival too.

This girl is calling people to come and get zongzi, the traditional food for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Volunteers from Chongqing Municipality came to Dujiangyan city, distributing zongzi, eggs and other gifts to quake survivors.

Zhu Zhong, one volunteer said "We brought over 26,000 zongzi and 13,000 eggs over night from Chongqing. We've given them to more than 2000 people so far. "

In another resettlement camp in Chengdu, parents wash their children with Chinese medicinal water. According to tradition, this is supposed to bring health to the children.

One medical worker said "These kids lost family members in the earthquake, but I believe in the big family of society they will get the same love as other children. We hope this tradition will help these kids enjoy a healthy and happy life. "

Injured survivors also enjoyed the festivity in hospital. In one performance, 67-year-old Liu Yulan sang a song for the patients. She spent a month writing it.

Liu Yulan, one survivor said "I wrote this song with my pen and my heart. It's called 'We Chinese people are strong'."

Such scenes are common around the earthquake zone. People around the country wish the survivors a happy festival.

Updated : 2021-06-20 08:02 GMT+08:00