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Lu visits Huashan Culture Park to examine management policy

Lu visits Huashan Culture Park to examine management policy

Vice President Annette Lu visited Huashan Culture Park yesterday to better understand the comprehensive planning of the park. The park was reopened in December 2005 after one year's renovation. "As a valuable urban space, especially in Taipei city, the policy of management should combine culture preservation and meet global trends," Lu said. The management of Huashan Culture Park should be more versatile. Korea, Taiwan's neighboring country, is a good example of culture industrialization, she added.

Lu later visited "An Exhibition of Handicraftsmanship" that is being held in the park - it being the first exhibition to held since the park's reopening. This exhibition has seen hundreds of thousands of visitors so far and has been extended to January 22.

Huashan Culture Park used to be the 'Taipei Winery' which opened in 1916 during the Japanese Colonial Period. When Japan surrendered control of Taiwan in 1945, the winery was taken over by the Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau.

In the late 1990s, after the Taipei Winery had been closed for ten years, a movement calling for its revival began. Various representatives of art and cultural communities pushed for its reopening as a performance and exhibition venue.

The Council for Cultural Affairs, an arm of the Executive Yuan, assumed control of Huashan when the Provincial Government was dissolved in 1998. The site's management has been outsourced to L'Orangerie International Art Consultant Co. Ltd. Short term renovations, and planning for long term expansion, were begun by the CCA in 2004. Huashan closed for a year for renovations, and reopened at the end of 2005 as 'Huashan Culture Park', merging the winery and park areas for use by artists and the surrounding community.

In the long term, The park will see a variety of exhibitions held in this space, according to Chen Chi-nan (陳其南), Chairman of Council for Culture Affairs.

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