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Taipei city undone by 'macking' column on Web site

網站‘獵豔’專欄 破壞台北市聲譽

Taipei city undone by 'macking' column on Web site

To provide a comprehensive service for all the English-speakers in Taipei, the Taiwan capital has created an English Web site to help people maneuver their ways around the town ... and perhaps even a little excursion into a hot romantic affair during their travels.


In addition to bus routes to the all the top tourist spots and an explanation of Chinese festivals, the Taipei City Government Web site also contained a how-to section teaching men how to attract local girls. How is that for a“friendly”city?


Promising to turn ordinary men into the“Tiger Woods of Love,”John Lee, the brainchild behind the“Macking in Taipei”online manual, boasted he has never failed to pick up a dream women during the last 13 years. The self-claimed lady killer, Lee, 28, also vowed that by following his tips, any‘average frustrated chump’can become the local Casanova.


Taipei City Councilwomen Hsu Chia-ching blasted the Web site and demanded an apology from the city Mayor Ma Ying-jeou for treating women as a“promotional tool”to increase tourism for the city.


“Why doesn't the Web site teach gold diggers on how to hook a sugar daddy?”retorted Hsu.


Lo Chih-cheng , the head of the city's Local media quoted another man from Chile as saying,“This Web page is not only disrespectful to Taiwanese women who are treated as cheap and easy, but it also unfairly demonizes all the foreign men in Taiwan as sexual predators.”