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Tainan County spends NT$120m on candy festival

Tainan County spends NT$120m on candy festival

The World Candy Cultural Festival in Tainan County for the year 2006 will be held at the Hsiaolung Cultural Park in Chiali Township between January 21 and March 19. The Tainan County Government yesterday announced at the press conference that "Hello Kitty" Japanese Puppet Troupe would be invited to Tainan County to perform for the festival during the Lunar New Year holiday from January 28 to February 2.
The stage for the 2006 festival, which cost about NT$9 million to build, "looks like a big cake," said Tainan County Magistrate Su Huan-zhi.

The number of visitors to the festival reached over 1 million last year, so the county government is expanding this year's festival, spending a total of NT$120 million in preparations that took almost a year, adding special features such as a 10-story Ferris wheel.

While visitors last year could only enjoy the displays on site, this year, the public will be able to buy selected candies from various countries at the festival.

Exhibits at the candy festival are divided into six themes, with sections for candies from America, Europe, Asia, Japan, Taiwan, and a special display of chocolate goods.

The famous director Wu Nien-chen (吳念真), who is also this year's festival planner, said that while the biggest challenge for last year's team was to transform the abandoned Chiali sugar refinery into a happy, dreamy place, this year's challenge will be to ensure the festival will at least maintains the same level of success.

Wu said his team has addressed last year's issues and have made what he hopes are significant improvements to the candy festival. The director said he is optimistic, adding that sugar meant money in early Taiwan culture, and Taiwanese have a special affection for sugars.

He hoped that Chiali sugar refinery could become a permanent cultural park for children's education and the candy festival could be held every year so it could continue to provide children with an amazing experience.

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