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NTSO holding concerts to celebrate Mozart's 250th birthday

NTSO holding concerts to celebrate Mozart's 250th birthday

2006 marks the 250th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birth on January 27, 1756. The whole world will celebrate the works of one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (NTSO), Taiwan's oldest orchestra – just having celebrated its 60th anniversary with the Taiwan Symphony Festival - will from January to June offer five concert series in memory of the immortal master.

On January 15 and 17 in Taichung and Taipei, the NTSO will present the first series of Mozart concerts, featuring Ranier Honeck as guest conductor and violin soloist. Mr. Honeck has been the first violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for more than ten years. His superb skills will be showcased on his famous violin, "ex Smith-Quersin", which was made by Stradivarius in 1714.

"Mozart's music is easily listened to, but very difficult to play," said Mr. Honeck. He added, "In Vienna, the test for prospective participants in an orchestra is playing Mozart's work. Mozart is the most important composer for orchestras and the most challenging one for musicians."

In Vienna, on January 27, Mozart's birthday, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will perform four concerts. Vienna, Austria, was a key city in Mozart's life, and the Vienna Philharmonic performs his work with unique flair. Among the many concerts in Taiwan this year to celebrate the composer's life, the NTSO's on January 15th and 17th will be distinguished by Honeck's experience with the Vienna Philharmonic.

The program for January 15 and 17 includes the Violin Concerto in G KV 216, Adagio in E for Violin and Orchestra KV 261, Rondo in C for Violin and Orchestra KV 373, "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" Serenade KV 525, and Symphony No.39 in E-flat KV 543.

Two Mozart concerts:

Taichung: 95/01/15 (Sun) 19:30 National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall

Taipei: 95/01/17 (Tue) 19:30 Novel Hall for Performing Arts

For more information or to buy tickets, please go to or call 02-33939888 or You may also visit the NTSO website at or call 04-23391141