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Famous record producer Bao attacked; 3 suspects arrested

Famous record producer Bao attacked; 3 suspects arrested

Two well-known judges on a TV variety show, the Bao brothers, were beaten up by four hoodlums who pretended to be part of a studio audience during the taping of a show yesterday.

The perpetrators reportedly followed one of the twin brothers, Hsiao-bo (包小柏), into the smoking room and began to punch him until security officers arrived at the scene and apprehended the attackers. One of the hoodlums apparently fled the scene.

After being examined for injuries at the local hospital, Hsiao-bo went to the police precinct to file a report and to identify the perpetrators. Doctors said that Hsiao-bo did not sustain any major injuries.

According to local TV news reports, the hoodlums did not show any remorse over their actions while they were being questioned, handcuffed to the chairs at the police station.

The gangsters from Yunlin County said they did not like the Baos castigating style on the show and went to the studio to "teach them a lesson."

Since the incident, the Baos have kept a low profile and have not offered any comments on the matter.

The footage from the surveillance camera at Chinese Television System showed the four gangsters being brought into the studio by a singer named Fang Shun-chi.

However, Fang denied any involvement in the incident and said the gangsters begged him to bring them to the studio. He said he was not present during the beating and he did not hear the news until he already well on his way home to Tienmu.

The Bao brothers are former singers turned records producers who frequently appear as judges on "Happy Sunday," a variety show on which aspiring singers show off their talents.

The brothers are notorious for their scathing remarks on the performances and for berating the singers as lacking preparation and talent.

In recent weeks, Ken Yu (余祥銓), son of a popular singer, was harshly criticized by the Bao brothers for his less than ideal performance. As a result, Yu suffered a severe mental breakdown and was comatose for many days.

Many prominent figures in the show business have blamed the Baos for Yu's nervous breakdown and have publicly demanded that they apologize to the Yu family.

Upon hearing the news of the yesterday's beating, Ken Yu's father Yu Tian (余天) expressed a desire to visit Hsiao-bo as a gesture of friendship.

The gangsters are claiming sole responsibility for the beating and said their motive was not related to the Yu incident. However, law enforcement officials suspect that there was an instigator behind the attack.

Updated : 2022-01-19 16:42 GMT+08:00