Hsuehshan Tunnel not ready for public use, expert cautions

Project's fire control, mechanical system found as incomplete; MOTC to do last inspection today

Hsuehshan Tunnel not ready for public use, expert cautions

Man to serve jail time for killing daughter

A father charged with beating his daughter and subsequently causing her death will soon begin serving his 12-year prison term after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal for a retrial yesterday.

The father, Chiu Kuang-jen, was found guilty of manslaughter after he beat his daughter on a downtown Taipei street after drinking one day in January of last year. The four-year-old girl, badly hurt and in a coma, was rejected by the Taipei Municipal Jen Ai Hospital when she was taken there for emergency treatment.

The girl died a few days after she was transferred to a hospital in Taichung County in central Taiwan. The child's death evoked the sympathy of many people in the society and prompted the government to review the emergency treatment system for local hospitals.

Top 10 rising stars

A teenage tennis prodigy, a lead dancer for a world-renowned dance company, an inspiring science educator and devoted volunteers ranked among the Central News Agency's - 2006 list of Top 10 Rising Stars in Taiwan.

Rounding out the 2006 Top 10 Rising Stars list are Bruce Yuan-hao Liao in the law and politics category; Johnny C. Chiang in economics, finance and business management; Chin-chung Tsai and Hsi-tseng Chou, both in science and technology; Fang-yi Sheu in culture and arts; Lin Thuang-hong in social improvement and environmental protection; Chan Yung-jan in sports; Ado Calaw in social harmony; Wen-hung Chung in medicine and public health; and Lin Yi-ying in public service.

Talent shortage

Taiwan expects severe shortages of personnel with master's degrees in the fields of electrical engineering and information technology in the decade to come, according to a report released yesterday by the Council for Economic Planning and Development.

According to the report on the supply and demand of technological personnel, there is likely to be an annual shortfall of 9,000 personnel with such qualifications for the next 10 years. Other areas where shortages of personnel with master's degrees are expected to occur are industrial engineering and industrial design, the report said.

Taiwan food demand

As the Lunar New Year draws near, pricey gifts bags of Taiwanese food are in great demand in Beijing, according to a Xinhua News Agency report.

Wu Szu-lung, a Taiwan native who runs a supermarket in Beijing, said that not just people from Taiwan are interested in purchasing Taiwan food, local Beijing residents are also interested in doing so.

For instance, the All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots in Beijing has recently ordered 240 gift bags containing Taiwan speciality food from his store, Wu noted.

Updated : 2021-03-07 17:56 GMT+08:00