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Microsoft letting loose more mice

Microsoft letting loose more mice

Microsoft is hoping to make big bucks from its latest mouse collection.

The software giant is letting lose a new "comfort" line of peripherals that is ergonomically designed to fit the needs of computer users, said Wu Chien-hong, product manager of Microsoft's hardware team.

"We go for comfort and style," said Wu. "Our mouse and keyboards are equipped with various features including a magnifying tool, optical technology, and an ambidextrous grip."

Microsoft's ergonomically designed products boosted the company's revenues last year, he added.

"Compared with 2004, our 2005 hardware sales grew 30 percent," Wu said. "The fact that we formed a dedicated hardware team last year also helped boost sales."

The four-button Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 allows computer users to scroll through documents and Web pages quicker and easier. The hardware is also equipped with a new magnifier that enables users to enlarge and edit details. To edit an image, users only need to push the magnifier button and move the cursor over the portion of the screen that they want to enlarge.

Road ready

Microsoft's wireless notebook optical mouse likewise allows road warriors to browse and scroll to their hearts' content. The hardware is also equipped with innovative four-way scrolling and enables users to enlarge and edit details with the new magnifier.

Scrolling has also become much more smoother and efficient with the innovative tilt wheel. According to Microsoft, the entire scroll wheel tilts from side to side, acts as a button, and reacts to how quickly one rolls the wheel.

Wheeling works

Those working with a super-wide worksheet can tilt the wheel from side to side to scroll right and left without clicking on any tiny scroll arrows, it added.

The company also launched its notebook Optical Mouse 4000, Optical Mouse 6000, and a natural ergonomic keyboard yesterday. The latter has a more natural wrist alignment, making computing an easier task, the company said.

"A package comprising a keyboard and mouse costs NT$1,590," said Wu, adding that Microsoft will be rolling out several more peripheral products in 2006.

Updated : 2021-07-29 03:45 GMT+08:00