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HP has big plans for year of the 'DOG'

HP has big plans for year of the 'DOG'

HP's business is "going to the dogs," the technology solutions company's top Taiwan executive announced yesterday.

"We're chasing Taiwan's DOG market in 2006," HP Taiwan Managing Director Rosemary Ho told a news conference attended by HP's senior officials and their canine friends.

"DOG," according to Ho, stands for "Data, vOice, and diGital."

"We, at HP, have the technology to support the requirements of enterprises in the manufacturing, transportation, medical, telecommunications, and banking sectors," Ho continued.

"We also have solutions that are tailor-made to meet the requirements of consumers and small business operations or user groups."

Upbeat about HP's revenue prospects in the Year of the Dog, Ho said she was confident that her team would again be outperforming the industry in terms of business growth.

Edwin Huang, vice president and general manager of HP's Imaging & Printing Group, agreed.

"We don't normally publish our growth targets but overall, our Imaging & Printing Group is poised to outgrow the market this year," Huang said.

HP's imaging business is focusing on the consumer, commercial, and supplies segments in 2006, said the executive, adding that the digital photography market is potentially a fast-growing business for his team.

"We expect to see smaller growth in the consumer segment although digital photography printing presents big opportunities for us," he said.

"Growth could (come from) user-groups, semi-professionals, and even amateurs who are into digital photography."

According to an IDC report, affluent PC users crazy about digital photography will be snapping more images in 2006 - providing a boost to global photo-printing.

The number of images captured, shared, and received will increase at a sustained average of 24 percent from 2004 to 2009, boosting the worldwide growth of total prints volume to an average of 14 percent over the same forecast period, the industry tracker said.

IDC pointed out that inexpensive flash memory cards will be the key driver for both the digital image creation and image printing forecasts, as well as a prevalence of imaging technologies in mobile phones, combined with a decline in print pricing.

In Taiwan, HP last year rolled out low-cost printers designed for professionals, photography buffs, and home-based designers.

"And we will always be rolling out new products that are affordable," Huang said.

"You will notice that (printers) are becoming more (inexpensive). (Those machines') quality is improving and yet their prices are dropping. The cost of ownership is getting lower."

In terms of the commercial or enterprise segment, HP is confident that the printer replacement rate will pick up in 2006, he continued.

"It's because people are shifting to color printers," said the executive. "Color printing will become much more popular and more cost-effective. Besides, it's not too expensive now, and people are seeing the benefits of printing in color."

Meanwhile, Acer yesterday said it was the first company to roll out a full line of laptops featuring the new Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology.

"Dual-core processing power paves the way for ultra-fast data processing, enhanced multi-tasking, extended connectivity, and power-saving features that prolong battery life, empowering users to communicate anytime, anywhere," the company said.

Acer is offering a total of 15 models with Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology from top-of-line performance models with 15.4-inch wide screens to 12.1-inch ultra portable models for road warriors, the vendor said.

Several models feature Acer Video Conference, a complete solution comprised of Acer OrbiCam and Acer Bluetooth VoIP phone, it added.

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