Spouses, kids of foreign workers now covered by health insurance

Spouses, kids of foreign workers now covered by health insurance

Effective immediately, spouses and children of foreign workers, including those from China, will have the option of national health insurance coverage as long as they stay in Taiwan for four consecutive months, the Bureau of National Health (中央健保局) Insurance announced yesterday.

Shi Hui-hua of the BNHI said that in the past, spouses and children of foreign workers were excluded from national health insurance coverage and this situation posed many obstacles when medical care was needed.

"Under the new policy, as long as the workers' dependents have exit/entry records from the Ministry of Interior showing that they have stayed in Taiwan for four consecutive months, they will qualify for coverage, said Shi.

She added that 20 people have been accepted for the program so far.

The BNHI urged companies that hire foreign workers to apply for insurance coverage for their workers and families as soon as the four-month waiting period is complete.

As part of the application process, the companies and employed foreign workers must present the government issued exit/entry records along with copies of the applicants' passports at the BNHI's main office or local branches.

The BNHI said the basic premium will be based on the monthly income of the wage earner and will increase with every additional dependent. For example, if the foreign worker earns NT$15,840 per month, his or her own basic premium would be set at NT$216 a month. For each additional dependent, spouse or child, there would be an additional NT$216. The premium would increase as the salary goes up the pay scale.

If both parents work, they can choose between them which one will list the child as a dependent.

Questions regarding the new policy can be addressed to the BNHI via the toll free number 0800-212-369.

Updated : 2021-02-27 12:34 GMT+08:00