Post offices having to innovate to survive in new media age

Post offices having to innovate to survive in new media age

With many consumers relying more on the Internet as a means of communication, the post office has been forced to find other activities other than delivering the mail to survive.

For instance, the Sanhsia branch of Chunghwa Post Co. set up a "concentration camp" of more than 300 mailboxes for people residing in remote areas in order to save its mailmen the trouble of traveling back and forth over mountain roads just to deliver a few letters.

One of these "concentration camps" was located at the intersection of Chulun Road and Sanshihku Road in Sanhsia Township.

Lee Wei-lin, the postman responsible for delivering mail in the Chulun and Ankun areas, said he was happy to see the establishment of this facility because it saved him time and effort.

Lee, who has to ride his motorcycle 70 kilometers every day to deliver mail in densely populated mountain areas in Sanhsia, said the facility was set up based on a consensus achieved between his company and people living in certain areas where transportation was difficult.

In fact, Lee said, he did not mind traveling so much because the scenery on the roads he traveled was often so beautiful that he did not feel like he was working.

Lee said he very much appreciated the kindness of those residents who did not insist on receiving mail at their homes. They agreed to check their mailboxes on their ways home or to work, and to pick up registered mail at the post office according to notices sent to them.

To save costs and be more efficient, Chunghwa Post has worked out a set of standards to set up more such facilities for people living in (1) remote mountain areas, (2) small islets, (3) areas not accessible to motorcycles or vehicles, (4) remote areas where traveling by foot takes more than two hours, and (5) a village to where the number of letters and mail packages is less than 40 a month.

Updated : 2021-02-26 16:14 GMT+08:00