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Citizen Aesthetic Appreciation Train brings performance to your neighborhood

Citizen Aesthetic Appreciation Train brings performance to your neighborhood

The Citizen Aesthetic Appreciation Train set off from Huashan Culture Park on December 27. The train will visit campuses and communities to perform to the grassroots.

The idea of Citizen Aesthetic Appreciation Coach is mooted by National Culture and Arts Foundation and Department of Architecture of Tamkang University.

“We are promoting Community Infrastructure Establishment which strives to increase public appreciation of the aesthetic. The awareness covers three aspects: the sense of aesthetics, the sense of common ownership and the sense of responsibility.” said Chen Chi-nan (陳其南), the Minister of CCA. “The so-called citizen aesthetics is to promote a sense of common ownership. When people know they have a stake in public amenities, they would apply their creativity to form a community aesthetics and it is the essence of citizen aesthetics.”

He continued, “The citizen aesthetics movement will be a deliverance for the Taiwanese people, together we can spruce up our physical living space.” The Community Infrastructure Establishment hopes to kindle amongst Taiwanese an aesthetic sensibility for their environment. The “Citizen Aesthetics Appreciation Train” comprises three retrofitted containers packed with pictures, photographs and artwork from top artists. We hope it will serve as a catalyst to inspire creativity in its island-wide tour.” Through the usage of a locomotive, we can more effectively present high quality arts and performances to a wider group of audience.

The citizen aesthetics appreciation train will start its island-wide tour of Taiwan in early 2006. The sites and the numbers of showing will soon be confirmed. All communities and schools are welcome to propose ideas of performance or exhibitions.

For registration or more information, please call Ms. Hu

TEL: +886 (02) 27541122 ext. 116

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