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Taiwan Writers Translation Series published

Taiwan Writers Translation Series published

The Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) has announced a planned publication of an English version of Taiwan Literature written by Yeh Shih-t'ao (葉石濤). Yeh is famous for his literary criticism and distinctive interpretations of Taiwanese literary history, and is also a well-known novelist.

"This is a significant publication for Taiwanese literature. Taiwan Literature examines Taiwanese literature from the standpoint of Taiwanese identity," said Wu Ching-fa, the vice chairperson of the CCA.

"Taiwan's literary history has been treated as subordinate to Mainland China's. It's urgent to introduce and promote Taiwan Literature to the world," Wu added.

Taiwan Literature will be the fourth publication for the Taiwan Writers Translation Series, a publishing collaboration between the CCA and the University of California-Santa Barbara. Since the project's beginning in 2004, three Taiwanese books have been translated and published in English versions—Magnolia, Children's Stories from Taiwan, and Folk Stories from Taiwan. The publication of Taiwan Literature is scheduled for 2006.

To showcase the diversity and creativity of Taiwanese literature, the CCA is also engaged in a publishing project in cooperation with Kuo-Ch'ing Tu (杜國清), a professor of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of California-Santa Barbara. Professor Tu specializes in Chinese poetry, poetics, and world literatures in translation.

In 1996, the CCA and Professor Tu implemented a long term publication plan for the Taiwan Literature Translation Series. The selection of articles, translation into English, and publication are carried out by the Forum for the Study of World Literatures in Chinese, under the aegis of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

"The publication plan aims to bring opinions and studies from Taiwan's local writers and scholars to English readers," said Tu. Thus far the translation plan, which is managed by the CCA, has published books and articles featuring Taiwanese literature and history in many different languages, including 92 English versions, 26 Japanese versions, 17 French versions, seven Dutch versions, six German versions, one Korean version, and one Swedish version.

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