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Group raises money for disabled

Group raises money for disabled

The "Children Are Us Foundation" launched a fund raising campaign yesterday to build a leisure farm in Kaohsiung to give mentally challenged people some work experience, a spokeswoman for the foundation said.

The foundation was created in 1995 by a group of parents with mentally disabled children in Kaohsiung in order to provide long-term care and provide them with jobs. It started by launching bakery shops staffed by mentally challenged people.

The foundation held a garden party at Taipei's Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall plaza yesterday to collect donations with the aim of collecting NT$12 million toward the estimated NT$40 million total cost of building the farm, expected to be operational in 2008.

"We intend to build the farm to provide life-long care to the mentally challenged who cannot work at our bakery stores, " said Wu Ting-fan, the foundation's spokeswoman.

According to Wu, older mentally challenged people who used to work in their bakery stores or restaurants can do easier jobs at the farm and the farm also provides dormitory and day care for those whose families cannot take care of them.

Updated : 2021-11-27 18:38 GMT+08:00