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In Brief

British leader facing mutiny after revelation

LONDON, England

The leader of one of Britain's two main opposition political parties faced a mutiny by followers on Friday when

Twenty-five of the 62 members of parliament from Charles Kennedy's Liberal Democrats signed a statement saying

But Kennedy, 46, who led the historically centrist third party to its best showing in decades in an election la

"We're a one member, one vote party and I believe I've the members' strong support," he said outside his London

Sharon brain scan


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon underwent an additional brain scan yesterday morning as doctors prepared to

Hadassah hospital spokeswoman Yael Bossem-Levy said the results of the scan wouldn't be disclosed before a 6 p.

Before the scan, hospital spokesman Ron Krumer said there had been no change in the prime minister's condition

At synagogues throughout Israel yesterday, the Jewish Sabbath, worshippers recited a "mi sheberach" for Sharon

Courtroom killing


A farmer angry over a court ruling set off a bomb in a Chinese courthouse, killing himself and four other peopl

The explosion Friday in Minle County in the northwestern province of Gansu killed the president of the county c

The bomber was identified as Qian Wenzhao, 62, a farmer who Xinhua said was angry over a ruling in a property d

Qian forced his way into a meeting room on the courthouse's fourth floor on Friday morning and ignited explosiv

"Police believe it was Qian's resentment against the court verdict that had led to the blast," the report said.

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