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Fugitive brought home to face justice

Fugitive brought home to face justice

A notorious fugitive was extradited by Chinese law enforcers and handed over to Taiwan's police force on the island of Matzu yesterday.

Lin Cheng-shin, 46, a highly sought criminal who was allegedly involved in numerous cases of armed robbery, kidnapping, illegal gambling, and extortion was captured while on the run in Zhuhai, China.

Lin is a former member of the Chang Hsi-ming crime family which gained infamy for abducting wealthy businessmen and selling illegal weapons. Chang is currently on death row along with his partner in crime, Hsueh Cho.

Born in Yunlin County, Lin was the boss of several illegal gambling joints and beetle-nut stands. Through his illegal gambling operations, Lin met Chang and Hsueh in Taichung and soon began to work for them as an informer, providing background financial information on kidnapping targets.

Lin won the nickname of "Left-eyed Shin" after losing his left eye in an extended gunfight.

His criminal record reveals a two-year incarceration for attempted murder when he was 20 years old. He was also found guilty of crimes against personal liberty after kidnapping a major shareholder of a local cable company.

Police investigators said that Lin operated as a loner and maintains little personal contact with his associates.

The police further revealed that Lin masterminded several money laundry operations and heists within China.

With the assistance of the Straits Exchange Foundation and the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China, law enforcers on both sides of the strait were able to work under the Kinmen Accord to bring Lin to trial.

The accord was signed in 1990 by the Red Cross societies in both China and Taiwan to control the influx of illegal Chinese immigrants into Taiwan and carry out their repatriation.

Updated : 2021-07-24 06:24 GMT+08:00