International marathons to be held this weekend

International marathons  to be held this weekend

Two international marathons, one in northern Taiwan and the other in eastern Taiwan, will be held this weekend. The one in the east will be the longest marathon ever held in the country.
Participants of the 2008 Taipei County Jin Shi International Marathon will start running at Green Bay in Wanli Township, Taipei County at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. The competition is divided into three events - the 42.195- kilometer full marathon, the 21 kilometer-half marathon and the 6 -kilometer run. All three courses start and end at Green Bay and follow the scenic Provincial Highway No.2 on the northern coast. The full- and half-marathon fields will run together for the first 10 kilometers. Full-marathon runners will go on as far as Shimen Township, via Jinshan Township, then return to the starting point.
The sponsor of the event, the Taipei County Government, said the course travels along some of Taiwan's most scenic spots, and runners will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the sea on one side and mountains on the other. The run will be especially enjoyable as the weather in March is comfortable, the government said.
One thousand police officers have entered the event, and remarkably two hundred of them are overweight. They are not aiming at the NT$200,000 prize for breaking the record, but rather at bringing down their body mass indices to below 27. National Police Agency Director Hou Yu-yi entered the 6 km run, while his deputy, Hsieh Hsiu-neng, will attempt the half marathon race.
The marathon in eastern Taiwan, the Wantong Trophy International Ultra Marathon, is jointly sponsored by the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration and the Hualien County Government, and organized by the Hualien County Running Association. It is being held in honor of Jhong Wan-tong, who performed the magnificent feat of running around Taiwan in ten days. The race organizers also hope the event will highlight the beautiful scenery of the East Rift Valley. The Wantong Trophy International Ultra Marathon has been held annually since 2005.
The competition is divided into 176-kilometer, 88-kilometer, 50-kilometer and 30-kilometer events this year. The 176-kilometer event will mark the longest distance ever run in an organized race in Taiwan. Thirty athletes have entered this grueling run.
The entire route of the competition takes place along Hualien County Road No. 193. The 176-kilometer runners start from the Yuli Bridge at 10 p.m. tonight and head toward Hualien Bridge, where they will turn around and run back on the same route. The race is expected to be completed in two days and one night, and will traverse the Mugua River and the Siouguluan River systems.

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