Musician dies after falling from concert stage, report says

據報導 一樂手於演唱會時跌下舞台身亡

Musician dies after falling from concert stage, report says

Taiwanese musician Huang Chien-fu died after falling down an onstage ladder during a New Year's Eve pop concert in Beijing, media reports said yesterday.


Huang, 36, was performing at the Saturday night show, which also featured Taiwanese pop singer Chi Chin.


“The ladder has only seven stairs,” Chi reportedly said.“We frequently fall down from ladders during performances. We never, ever expected such a thing could have happened.”


The accident occurred when Huang was singing a duet with Chi, who was in front of Huang and did not immediately realize that he had fallen. Chi said that he had originally been scheduled to sing the song by himself, but Huang appeared to be in good spirits and said to Chi, “I'll sing with you in this set.”


Huang won the best songwriter award at the 2004 Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival for the film“Dream Tribe.”


His sister, whose name was not given, said reportedly that relatives regretted that Huang had to be cremated in Beijing according to Chinese rules.


“My mom wanted his body sent home so she could see him for the last time,” she said.


Updated : 2021-04-17 20:16 GMT+08:00