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DPP to hold massive march to boost presidential campaign

With the third anniversary of China's enactment of the anti-secession law approaching, Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party said Friday it is to hold a massive rally on March 16 both to boost its presidential campaign and protest Beijing for claiming dominion over the island.
DPP Secretary-general Lee Ying-yuan said he hoped one million people will take part in the event called“Democratic Taiwan 100 Action”that will feature a simultaneous anti-clockwise march of five kilometers by the participants across the island.
Lee, who is responsible for organizing the march, said he derived the idea from the“Hand-in-hand”and“Walk against the Wind”movements.
"People who wish to preserve the fruit of Taiwan's democratic progress in recent years should come forward and joint the event,”said Lee, who also works as executive campaign chief of DPP presidential candidate Frank Hsieh.
The opposition Kuomintang, which and allies control three-quarters of seats in the Legislature, must not be allowed to win the presidency on March 22 as well, Lee argued, warning that the party may turn authoritative and corrupt again as it did during its five-decade rule in Taiwan.
Also, Lee said Beijing enacted an anti-secession law nearly three years ago that authorizes the use of force to keep Taiwan in its fold, if necessary. The international community would consider Taiwan people receptive to the idea if they fail to take any action to protest.
Lin Kuo-ching, another official for the Hsieh campaign, said if the march can successfully draw a vast attendance, the world will know Taiwan voters want to have the final say on the sovereignty feud with China.
The event will reach its climax at 3:14pm when one million participants throughout the country are advised to walk some five kilometers anti-clockwise to form the shape of the island, Lin said.

Updated : 2021-06-20 22:18 GMT+08:00