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U.S. committee backs resolution to support election in Taiwan

Expatriate group in America says referendum on joining U.N. increases importance of poll

U.S. committee backs  resolution to support election in Taiwan

The Committee on Foreign Affairs under the U.S. House of Representatives adopted Wednesday a resolution in support of Taiwan's upcoming presidential election.
The resolution, which will be forwarded to the House for consideration, calls for the U.S. government to reaffirm its unwavering commitment to Taiwan's democracy and security and for the encouragement of international delegations to visit Taiwan to witness the March 22 election - the fourth direct presidential election to be held in Taiwan.
The resolution notes that Taiwan has made dramatic improvement in terms of its human rights record and routinely holds free and fair elections in a multi-party system.
In particular, the 2000 presidential election marked the first transition of power from one political party to another in Taiwan's history, it says.
An unequivocal supporter of human rights and the democratic ideals of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, rule of law, and free elections, Taiwan is one of the strongest democratic allies of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region, the resolution says.
Standing apart
It also says Taiwan's stable democratic system and impressive economic prowess have made the country stand apart from many equally young democracies whose freedom and liberty have been severely challenged.
The resolution was jointly initiated by the late committee chairman Tom Lantos, who died February 11, and vice chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. It was co-sponsored by more than 40 representatives.
Taiwan's representative to the United States, Joseph Wu (吳釗燮), said the passage of the resolution has again highlighted the importance attached by the U.S. Congress to Taiwan-U.S. relations and its support for the Taiwan people's pursuit of democracy and freedom.
In addition to expressing his appreciation to Lantos for the great attention he had paid to Taiwan's democratic development during his life time, Wu also thanked Ros-Lehtinen and Howard Berman, acting chairman of the committee, for their efforts and contribution to promoting Taiwan-U.S. ties.
Wu said he is confident Taiwan's relations with the United States will grow even closer and stronger in the future with the firm backing of its large number of friends in the U.S. Congress.
Meanwhile, Bob Yang, president of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs, a pro-independence Taiwanese expatriate group based in the United States, said the next presidential election in Taiwan is critical to Taiwan's future development and that the referendum to be held alongside the election on joining the United Nations under the name Taiwan has further increased the importance of the election.

Updated : 2021-06-20 18:11 GMT+08:00