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DPP blasts Ma's sisters' close ties with China

Opposition Kuomintang presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou's (馬英九) two older sisters' relations with China has again put Ma under the fire of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party yesterday.
Ma's older sister Ma Yi-nan (馬以南) reportedly had met with the local syndicate Bamboo Union's former leader Chang An-le in China in an attempt to raise money for Ma's presidential campaign.
Ma's second oldest sister, Teresa Chao, meanwhile, was found to be the principal of a Chinese program in a school in Beijing.
Ma's camp, however, clarified the former accusation that was first raised in a Next Magazine report released yesterday and said that Ma Yi-nan was in China for travel, not to raise money for Ma's presidential campaign, and had accidentally met with Chang, a major runaway wanted by local government.
"The magazine made another mistake by saying Ma Yi-nan was in China last June, when in fact, Ma traveled to China last April after she was diagnosed by doctor of having breast cancer, which later proved to be a false alarm," said Ma's spokesman Lo Chih-chiang yesterday.
During her stay there she was invited to attend a gathering held by Taiwan businessmen based in China, where Chang was one of the invited guests, Lo said.
Ma was not nominated as his party's presidential candidate until May, which is a evidence to show that Ma's sister was not there to raise Ma's electioneering fund, Lo said.
As for Ma's other sister Teresa Chao, Lo explained that she served as the principal of the Chinese Program at the International School of Beijing, an international school that is similar to Taipei American School.
Lo refuted the accusation made by the DPP who claimed that it was because of Chao that Ma proposed in his education white book to acknowledge diplomas granted by the Chinese government.
Lo said the Chao's school, like Taiwan's Taipei American School, has a unique educational system that is different from China's, saying that Ma's decision to admit Chinese diplomas has nothing to do with Chao.
Though the KMT has rejected both accusations, the DPP still attacked Ma's two sisters' close relations with China.
Hsu Kuo-yung, spokesperson for Hsieh's camp said both Ma Yi-nan and Teresa Chao's close relation with Chinese officials made him suspect if Beijing is the helping hand behind Ma on the presidential campaign.
It was not the first time the DPP has accused Ma's relatives.
DPP has previously accused Ma Yi-nan of exerting her influence as the sister of a former mayor for personal gains in the pharmaceutical business.
Ma's wife Chow Mei-ching was also under fire for making stock transactions that helped make a fortune for her company, a move questioned by the DPP over whether she had inside information in advance because of Ma.

Updated : 2021-08-02 22:53 GMT+08:00