Letter to the Editor

The statement that Zheng Chengkong "reclaimed" Taiwan in 1662 from the Netherlands is incorrect because he did not "reclaim" anything.
Taiwan was never under Chinese rule before the Dutch came, but was outside of China's jurisdiction. It was ruled by Austronesians who had been there for more than 1,000 years.
The Dutch are the ones who invited Chinese farmers to immigrate and the Dutch were the ones who brought over water buffalo for rice cultivation.
It helped give them a better tax base.
Zheng claimed the western half of Taiwan for himself and set up a kingdom that would last until his grandson.
At which point Taiwan's western half was not "returned" to the motherland or "China" but rather annexed by the non-Chinese Manchu Empire which controlled much more territory than merely the conquered nation of China. Taiwan was never under Chinese rule.
From the Manchu Empire it was given up "in perpetuity" to Japanese sovereignty. Japan was the first colonial power to entirely conquer Taiwan. Taiwan's eastern part had continued to be independently ruled by Austronesian tribes
Japan relinquished sovereignty over the unified Taiwan in the 1951 Treaty of San Francisco, but it did not transfer sovereignty to the Republic of China.
There was no designated successor in the treaty.
By 1951 the R.O.C. was a government in exile on Taiwan and it did not control China.
So basically, Taiwan has never one instant in its existence been ruled by China.
It has never been part of some "motherland" or "mainland."
Calling China "Chung-Kuo Da-Lu" was wording imposed by the KMT to brainwash Taiwan's citizens into thinking that they belonged to a "mainland" which is China.
- Joel Linton
TAIPEI, Taiwan