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Spitting tops list of irritations for Asians,poll finds

民調顯示 吐痰名列亞洲第一惡習

Spitting tops list of irritations for Asians,poll finds

Spitting in public, cutting into a queue and bad driving top the list of irritations for most Asians, according to a survey released by Reader's Digest yesterday.


Poor service in shops and restaurants also got on the nerves of 82 percent of 3,600 people surveyed around Asia, said the study due to be published in next month's edition of the magazine.


Editor-in-chief Jim Plouffe believes the severe acute respiratory syndrome crisis raised public awareness of health concerns in the country.


“Although spitting is common in China, since the SARS crisis people have more knowledge about public hygiene and they are more aware of it,”he said.“I think this is a new trend.”


Poor personal hygiene, dog mess in the streets and parks, littering, swearing, smoking and noisy neighbors also made the list ?but the survey found there was lots more, too.


“I've been amazed by the results we've got. I expected computer crashes or crowded public transport would be on the top of our list,”Plouffe said.


“But I guess this survey proves human behavior was more irritating. There are things that people do to each other that are annoying, but we can't do anything about it.”


Updated : 2021-05-19 09:01 GMT+08:00