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Trash separation, other new measures to begin January 1, government says

Trash separation, other new measures to begin  January 1, government says

Several new environmental protection measures are set to take effect January 1, including the comprehensive implementation of compulsory garbage separation.

The garbage separation policy, which has been in place in some cities and counties since early this year, will be expanded to all areas around the nation at the start of the new year.

According to the policy, people are required to separate their garbage into three categories - ordinary garbage, recyclables and food scraps - before taking it out to the garbage truck. Garbage that is not properly separated will be rejected, with offenders facing a fine of between NT$1,200 to NT$6,000.

During the first three months after the policy's implementation, offenders will not be fined but will be given advice and told to separate their garbage properly. Also starting next year, motorists who fail to send their motorcycles for regular emission inspection will be fined NT$2,000 and forbidden from renewing their vehicle registration.

From January 1, all filling stations around the nation will be required to install gas collection facilities to lower the concentration of benzene and volatile organics in the air to protect workers' health. Violators can be fined up to NT$1 million.

Meanwhile, industries will need to pay sewer surcharges every six months starting July 1. The surcharges will be calculated according to the chemical oxygen demand and suspended solids levels in their waste water, with NT$12.5 payable per kilogram of COD and NT$0.62 payable per kilogram of SS.