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BEVT launches shopping site to promote aboriginal products

BEVT launches shopping site to promote aboriginal products

In a bid to promote indigenous groups' cultural industry, the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training under the Council of Labor Affairs (勞委會) launched an online shopping Web site to extend the distribution channels for indigenous handicrafts.

To encourage the public's interest in indigenous culture, a guided exhibition of collections of handicrafts is being held at the plaza outside Sindian MRT station from December 24-25.

The Web site, titled LAGO, and constructed by Laguolo Consulting Service Co. at the commission of the BEVT, aims not only to promote indigenous crafts, but also to enhance the public's understanding of indigenous cultures, said Galahe W. Hayawan, the general manager of the company.

A section of the site was dedicated to the unique culture and heritage of Taiwan's aboriginal groups so that when people make purchases, they can learn of the symbolic meanings behind - for instance - a fabric pattern or leather carving, said BEVT's Employment Services Director Guo Cheng-chang.

Laguolo was founded to provide professional consultation for goods related to indigenous groups, added Hayawan, who is a member of the Saisiyat tribe.

"There are some 800 handicraft workshops run by Taiwan's indigenous population, which totals around 400,000," he added.

The site introduced products such as garments, houseware, books, artwork, paintings, and audiovisual productions created by 10 workshops run by indigenous people from both the east and west coasts of Taiwan.

The online shopping Web site will be put into operation on January 1, 2006.